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Roller derby was amazing. It was a bit uneven of a match, so I'm eager to return for some better competition.

I'm sickly and working too much, as usual (well, I'm not usually sickly :P ).

Boy is getting on my nerves. All needy one day then aloof the next. Much the same pattern as when we were in a relationship. He had guests last week and barely spoke to me the entire time, then as soon as they're gone he's texting asking if I have any time for him, that he wants to see me, etc. etc.

The two friends I feel the closest to (Yarn and a friend from childhood who actually knows relatively little about my personal life) talk to me daily. We're in near constant contact with silly little things or the mundane (Hubby and I are as well). It would be way too much for many, but we enjoy it and I have found that that is pretty much what I need to really continue caring about the ins and outs of someone else's life. Boy knows this, yet he continues to push for super closeness at times and then just want to disappear at others. It doesn't work for me, and just makes me irritated at him for the lack of stability in expectation.

Lady and I had a lovely time the other day and have been chatting quite a bit this week about nothing in particular. Probably going to a group thing at which she and her partner-ish people will be this weekend, so it will be interesting to see how she and hubby behave towards each other these days.

Have I mentioned I'm working too much?

As I expected, OKC guy bailed for work. I've given up on ever meeting him. If neither of us can set aside an hour or two and actually commit to it... We're obviously not that excited about whatever friendship or relationship could come of meeting IRL. I'll continue to enjoy our electronic interactions.
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