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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Heh; you've picked the two-most-often-recommended books. I've read both. They're two very different styles of introducing poly concepts, so it's kind of a good idea to read both. Will be curious to hear which of the two you like best (if you have a favorite).

Are you still worried about the possible reactions your wife may have to another woman coming into your life? Is she strong in the communication area, or does she perhaps have a fear of conflict or confrontation or just doesn't want to hurt your feelings?

Do you want an NSA relationship? How do you feel about that?
My wife (Perlina) is passive aggressive... She will avoid a conflict at all cost...

She doesn't want me to fall in love and divorce her...She would be happier if I had a NSA emotions or feelings ...

I know my wife sees us as for friends than lovers. She even told me that several times... She doesn't want to talk about our open marriage anymore...she has already given me the green light...So its up to me now...

I am a very healthy, active, muscular, decent looking man....Most women tell me I am easy to talk to.... a NSA relationship will be easier than poly for now...My wife doesn't want to know the details...I don't think she does....
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