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Default Did this just happen?

Willa did her Willa thing and burst in on Amy tonight, saying "I'm ANGRY at you for how you're treating us!" They went downhill/uphill from there. Downhill in the sense of saying hard things, uphill for having said them and had them honored and listened to.

In sum, it's what it's been for weeks. Amy really has to leave. She can't take being around married couples, not during her divorce, not right now. She can't stand being reminded of what she doesn't have.

But then she gave Willa something, and said she had something for me, too. Keys to her house.

She's going away now. Would we please be there, when she gets back? Would we stay open to her return? We asked her to be strong and independent and meet us on a solid foundation, and now she's working on that, because she knows it's the right thing. Would we please keep her in our hearts until then, and maybe it will work out again in the future?

I was speechless, then I burst into tears, and then I nearly passed out because I forgot to breathe. Willa was there holding me upright, not surprised at my reaction. Why? She literally fell over when Amy handed her the keys, landing on the ground, just plopping down on her butt.

This is so totally unexpected.

(maybe I'll go do her dishes regularly, because I like doing her dishes...)
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