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Originally Posted by Smiles View Post
I don't know if there are possibilities or just wishful thinking... I am just having a good time enjoying the process.

Eventually I will take that next leap.

I just don't know how to tell them I have an open marriage without sounding like I am just after sex with them...As of now, I like their company and I want to get to know them better...

They all know I am married...
What used to work for me was to say something like "my gf/wife and I are in an open relationship". Sometimes I would make it funny depending on the crowd, like "I never liked the contraints of a religious society"

You can't control how they interpret. But you do have to be comfortable in how you come out. Just because someone says "I am gay" doesn't mean they want to hump your leg. It just means they are gay. Its my responsibility as the receiver of the information to understand that its their right to be heard

Then we can discuss the humping of legs.
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