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Wish I could have met up with you, NYC - as it is, I am completely cooked from a way-too-busy itinerary and an early morning so the girls could get on the Today Show. However, they all had a great time, and DID manage to get on TV, so yay that.

Next time I'm there sans kids (and sans Dance Moms), I would be HAPPY to meet up. I'm dying for some non-mediocre food right now... Seriously, I HATE eating at chain restaurants (or gimmicky ones) when I'd rather get some good, local food.

In other news...
Xena got approached by a friend who hosts a podcast - she and Chops will be interviewed re. "poly" (which makes me laugh, because the "what is poly" question can be answered so many different ways, it'd take up an entire series of podcasts on its own). Her friend wanted to talk tonight, but she pushed her off until she could talk about it with me and Chops. No real names (especially since I'm not completely open about it with everyone, and really don't want the attention anyway), thankfully. And I got to see some examples of things her friend would like to talk about.

Should be interesting... we're skyping tomorrow night for our next "powwow" and we'll discuss this then (although I fired back an email with some of my responses, since I didn't want to forget and NOT address anything, and I didn't want to go unrepresented, either - it'll be nice to have a poly interview with the perspective of a mono partner too, I think).

We're also going to finalize our "safe sex" talk, since their other relationships may be starting to develop into something more physical.

I find it interesting, and oddly amusing, that I have ZERO problem with the sexual side of Chops being poly, but GOD FORBID something impacts our time together. It sends him for a loop when I'm actually the one to shrug and say, "I don't really care" about something, but Xena is the one to go, "But hold on a minute..." It's kind of nice to not ALWAYS be the "wait a minute" girl.
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