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Hey now, relax! Your emotions are overwhelming... take a deep breath You can help that you feel sad and miserable. Just relax It sounds like you've had a panic attack and you're scared about something that's happened... think about it, though. He's in a relationship with you both. Just because she was "first" doesn't mean she is of first importance!

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i dont wanna be in there way...
If I were to put myself in your bf's shoes, I'd say something like, probably, hey now! you're not getting in our way Talk about it with him, sort things out. What happened that set you off? Was it how sudden it was? Do you feel emotionally uninvolved? As if they're moving on without you? And do those feelings match up with what's happening?

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I dont know what to do? Im overwhelmed...
I hope it turns out to be nothing much more than just a panic attack scare. Relax and let yourself process the emotions. Try to start to make sense of your feelings once they simmer down some. Talk with the other two about how you feel. If they're serious about wanting it to be a triad, they will I hope find a way to make you feel included.

It's surely something new that will take a lot of time to ponder and explore for you. Try to look on the bright sides and see things from multiple angles. Try to keep in mind: things will be okay. Keep calm and think it through. You can figure it out.
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