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Unhappy what should I do?first gf is pregnant

Need help? I dont know what to do... im dating this guy for almost 3 yrs now.. I really love him regardless of the situation... and recently me, him and his gf of nine years moved in to a better place... were so excited.. bcoz we have our own place now... and to think that we look like a family now...but something came up when they went back from cali... they told me his other half is pregnant... I felt soo sad... and devastated.. I dont know what to do? Im overwhelmed...I came to my senses.. also my bfs mom talked to me regarding this..if Im okay.. to be in this situation... she told me... in the end I would need to let go.. and i dont wanna be in there way... theyre starting a new life now...but my boyfriend told me he doesnt care he would still be there and nothing will ever change... I do love him and I wanna be with him... but somehow im thinking about having my own family like what normal people have.. I dont wanna be the 2nd person always... its really hard to decide.. I really love him and I cant see myself being with anyone... but I cant help to be sad and miserable
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