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Hi again CP,

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
I do want all of us to be together but it's so hard at times that I don't know if I can continue trying to work at it.
So can you get any definite sense of what exactly you feel is "hard" ?
You had mentioned earlier some sense of "losing connection". Is that it ? You may want to investigate whether it's really a lost connection - or the maturation and passing of what we usually call NRE. If it turns out to be that - it's ok. That's perfectly natural in any relationship. Although it may seems something has gone away it really is just something that's evolved to another stage.

If you don't think that's what it is, then it may be that you have this certain picture in your mind about how you EXPECTED things to unfold. And maybe it will be different ? That's neither good nor bad. It just is. Expectations are always dangerous things in a fluid world. Best to try to learn to be flexible and minimize (or at least don't attach to) expectations. Keeps things simpler.

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
I don't agree with your comment about my problem plagued world, just because we all love each other doesn't mean that it makes everything easier.
Please pardon the little tongue-in-cheek there
But off topic, it's good to remind ourselves that despite the complications, living in a world surrounded by love & caring is a luxury that many, many people in this world will never have. Good to have perspective.

Keep going................

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