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Default Mono Vs. Poly

I was discussing the concepts, oh, I wish I remember who posted it now, but basically breaking mono and poly down the following way:

Monoamory: emotional/romantic connection with one person
Polyamory: emotional/romantic connection with more than one person at the same time
Monosexual: physical relations with one person
Polysexual: physical relations with more than one person at the same time (not necessarily in the same bed)

If you think of it like that, instead of monogamy and polyamory; it opens up a lot more. Polyamory means a variety of things to different people. But using the above options gives a lot more flexibility. I think in a lot of cases people think of monogamy as "monoamorous" + "monosexual" and polyamorous as "polysexual" + "polyamorous." I think a lot of the confusion arises when people mix them up, though.

Like, when people say poly is all about sex. I think it's because what they've seen is "monoamorous" + "polysexual" and people feeling the need to choose either the poly or mono label, when truthfully they're both. So, yes, in that case being "poly" IS all about sex. Because the portion of poly they're associating with is the "sexual" and not the "amory" part.

Guess my point is you can be polypoly or monomono, but you can be monopoly, too

Did that just come out as utter nonsense?

Edit: I know my definitions weren't exactly the same as the original ones, but I think they're close enough.
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