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Our mutual friend... Actually, the mother our daughters friend, the one who witnessed our open marriage contract is reading Sex At Dawn...She said their MC recommended the book...I didn't think a MC would do that...

I don't know if our open marriage conversation was discussed with her MC or not...I think she and I have so much in common.... She is adorable as well...

I think she would make a good poly relationship...

Don't know what my wife would think about that...I think they get along great...They have become great friends over the past several years.

She is usually around after my hikes and will ask if I met anybody new or some crazy story another hiker told me... After one of my group hikes, I was going to get take out...I was debating to take a shower before getting it..(usually I will have a beer while I wait for the pizza....) So she told me I should sower first because I may meet somebody new and I should look my best and not be stinky and dirty...which I was after the 12 mile wife agreed with her... I just find that a little funny... So they wanted the report when I came back....the waitress/manager usually gives me a free Shiner while I wait..She is adorable too...

Life is fun!
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