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Well bassman today has said he'd not text her while I'm home. So far so good.

Then...wild orchid (during their call after he got off work but before getting home) offered to get me a massage. I just don't know when I'd have time this week. Bassman's birthday dinner at his parents Tuesday, bassman picking his sister up from the airport Wednesday, then trying to get our home cleaned, kids rooms cleaned all for Princess' 3rd birthday party next Sunday.

Why do so many people in my family have a March birthday? Probably because I picked a line of work where am busy this time of year? LOL go figure.

So the massage offer...I think I'm just not use to someone's kindness. Life has been hard work, doing the best so the kids have a better childhood than my own, so's just unfamiliar to me. Not sure if I'm comfortable with too much of it.
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