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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this perspective - but, in my personal timeline, 6 weeks is...well, a blink of the eye. At the six week mark, I would barely consider myself to have truly "met" someone - let alone be in a relationship. Whenever Dude would be befuddled about not understanding some aspect of me, I would respond with..."Of course you don't know me that well yet, we have only been together for a minute." Just last week I admitted that we had been together for longer than "a minute" (it will be three years in April - and he has been living with us full time for most of that).

To be fair - I am really VERY guarded with my emotions. I was practically living with MrS (sleeping with him and spending the majority of my time and nights with him) for 6 months before I finally admitted that he was my "boyfriend" (took me 18 mos to finally tell him that I "loved" him). (Dude cut those times about in half, after all I've had twice as much practice)

That being said - NO ONE deserved to have their heart yanked about on someone's "whim"...


PS. My timeframe is definitely skewed - since, for me, the "real" relationship doesn't even start until the NRE has worn off...before that it is just a "crush" (or infatuation)...
Well I've known him for a couple years and our 6 weeks together has been very close and intense. We've spent every long weekend to together this whole time while nate was away in a medical study. So to me it feels more like several months
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