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Curls and I have never been big drinkers. She rarely drinks at all, I drink fairly often but almost never to the point of getting drunk. Freckles... she gets drunk when we go out frequently. When drunk she has an almost magnetic tendency to end up in my lap... or Curls' lap... occasionally both of our laps simultaneously...

We are used to this from her, and she is probably the one exception we have to the 'no sex with drunk people' rule. Although we share this rule, I have noticed a contradiction from people in general. I have heard many a person say that they would never have sex with a girl who was drunk, but it's much rarer for a female to say they wouldn't have sex with a male who was drunk. Why is it that women are deemed so week that they require protection from being taken advantage of when they are drunk, but guys? They know what they are doing! Go nuts!

Double standards anyone?

As for Freckles... she has only been able to legally drink for a year and a half. She will get her fill soon enough. Both Curls and I have, on separate occasions, been the one kneeling behind Freckles and rubbing her back as she's barfing her guts out and telling her "now, you aren't gonna ever drink that much again, right??"
Me - 37 years old male, father of three wonderful girls.
Curls - 33 years old female, My wife of fifteen years.
Freckles - 22 years old female, our awesome girlfriend.

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