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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
And yet, she'd be agreeing not only to you, but also to polyamory.
Not quite. Any other partner apart from my gf would have to accept that I am poly, but I wouldn't expect that she also be poly. My gf isn't poly, for example, but she accepts that I am.

Most people, when they enter a relationship, are prone to things like falling in love, which not always, but typically, leads to wanting more with that person: commitment, long term, living together, mingling finances, possibly children, vacations together, sharing lives, being part of one another's families and circle of friends.

How much of this can you offer her as a possibility? How much of it do you think she is seeking out of a relationship?
This logic would seem to suggest that no poly relationship could ever work, and yet this website is proof that just isn't true.
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