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Default Patchwork

Mending Ocean's favourite satchel with rough patches cut out from the rags of old pants and shirts.

Chatted with Grotto this morning. We agreed to see a counsellor sometime this fortnight. I'm somewhat apprehensive, but ready. I really want to hear and understand him. I'm scared that I'll have to open myself, to own up to imperfections that I may not yet acknowledge. But I know that I must, and I know that it's a good thing, to examine your conscience.

I'm more hopeful. We'll do better. We'll keeping working it out.

Phone sex with Lobe last night. It was incredibly intense. We fell asleep after fucking, and we both woke up with a sense of closeness, like... weren't they just in bed with me... mmm... where are they... ? He's a wonderful lover. Intimate, immediate, urgent, tactile. I miss him.
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