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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
It's troubling that radio contact was lost. I'm hoping to hear of a relatively safe crash landing in the water, which would mean a lot of survivors could be floating in the water awaiting rescue. I admit that's the best case scenario though.

Thanks for your "anniversary" report. It's amazing how much things can improve in a year. Best wishes for even better times in the future.

Kevin T.
It is very troubling and very mysterious. I hope there was a safe crash landing somewhere. It seems as if the flight "disappeared" over water, and from what I remember, there is a lot of trade and traffic in that body of water. It just seems like if that is where they crashed, someone would have seen or heard something. I am hoping it did not blow to pieces upon impact, which is what some aviation experts briefly mentioned. Whatever happened must have blindsided the pilots and happened so fast that they could not send out an emergency alert before it happened. They were cruising at a rather high altitude and going close to 500 knots, so by all means, things seemed to be going fine. I think the most eerie thing is those who were supposed to be on that flight but missed it for some reason or another.

It is heartbreaking, and there is nothing worse than seeing the pain written all over the faces of their families. I had to turn off the news. It was making tears well up. I hope there are survivors, though.
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