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Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
I am confusing arent I? Thats why I picked the name I did confusedpoly.

Again I find myself lacking when it comes to clearly saying what I mean.

I do want all of us to be together but it's so hard at times that I don't know if I can continue trying to work at it. I'm looking for help because I want to make it work but I lack the skills or knowledge of how to do so. Let me remind you that I have previously said that I don't just run away from problems when things get hard. I want to know how to deal with all my crazy thoughts and feelings and I am also aware that I am the major source of issues in our relationship right now. I would like all of us to be able to evolve together, to overcome our issues and become a stronger triangle. settled with the fact you have something to make work. This doesn't happen often. You have a working triad but as with all things it will take effort. You are in the situation looking out...working with a situation where everyone cares for each other is...well like any relationship. Difficult. Communicate, talk, speak your mind and figure out how they communicate so you can work with them. Everyone communicates differently, once you figure that out, you can use the tools you have and make it work.

ok to specific points, we all lack the skills initially to deal with these problems. These are unique to a small group of introverted people. While relationship tools are universal you have to do research to figure out how to make what you have work. It reads like you have to do the step one...communicate fully...start there and other challenges will come up...thats half the fun...

Make sure you realize you have the germination of a potentially great just have to help it grow (god that sounds very hippy of me...yikes)

I don't agree with your comment about my problem plagued world, just because we all love each other doesn't mean that it makes everything easier.
You are past step one (everyone loving and wanting the same thing)...thats further than most get...
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