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I am confusing arent I? Thats why I picked the name I did confusedpoly.

Again I find myself lacking when it comes to clearly saying what I mean.

I do want all of us to be together but it's so hard at times that I don't know if I can continue trying to work at it. I'm looking for help because I want to make it work but I lack the skills or knowledge of how to do so. Let me remind you that I have previously said that I don't just run away from problems when things get hard. I want to know how to deal with all my crazy thoughts and feelings and I am also aware that I am the major source of issues in our relationship right now. I would like all of us to be able to evolve together, to overcome our issues and become a stronger triangle.

I don't agree with your comment about my problem plagued world, just because we all love each other doesn't mean that it makes everything easier.
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