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I was very careful how I approached talking to Curls about Freckles. I started bringing her up in conversations about work from time to time, then talking more and more about how much her and I had in common and how we were spending time talking outside of work. I kept stressing one thing in particular... that Freckles was in a relationship with another female.

Curls can be very territorial. She was on the defensive almost from the very beginning. Me having other sexual partners she was totally okay with. In our view, sex is sex... the only strings that are attached are the ones we create. But this was something different entirely... this wasn't a new sexual partner, this was someone that I had an actual friendship and emotional connection to. Curls is more than willing to admit that she saw this new friend of mine as a serious threat in the beginning.

I decided to fix this issue by having us all go out to dinner one night together. Me, Curls and our kids met Freckles at a restaurant and enjoyed a nice evening together. We came back to our house and hung out for a while afterward. Nothing was ever spoken beyond friendly chit-chat, but Curls was much more easy to deal with after she had a chance to meet my new friend.

Things went on like this for a couple months. Freckles was over at our house once or twice a week, either having dinner with our family or spending an evening watching a movie with my wife and I. We STILL didn't talk anything about relationships or even see each other as any more than really good friends.

I think I've isolated the time that started to change in my head down to one conversation Freckles and I had when I had taken her home and was walking her into her apartment. She had recently broken up with her girlfriend of about nine months. We talked a little bit about marriage and she laughed it off, she said that she was too free-spirited to ever be in a functional marriage. She said 'maybe' a polyamorous marriage would work for her. As I had pointed out... at this time, I wasn't even familiar with that term, so I had to google it as soon as I got home. Freckles SWEARS to me that she meant nothing by that comment, certainly wasn't hinting that she wanted to be in a relationship with my wife and I. I believe her (I don't tell her that, I have so much entertainment giving her a hard time about it.).

Anyway... I got to thinking about this. Trying to work it out in my head how this could even happen. It became a daydreaming topic for me throughout the next week, and I found that I not only would like this arrangement, but I could actually picture it working. We have a large house with a couple guest rooms, we could easily have her move into one of those rooms.

I decided to talk to Freckles first about it. My logic was that this was going to be hard sell for Curls, and if Freckles wasn't receptive to the idea, then it would be a lot of wasted effort for nothing. So the two of us met like we used to, a fast food restaurant after I got off work. I pitched the idea to her. At first she wasn't interested. She said she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment.

I was bitterly disappointed, I will admit. So I let it go. And then something funny started happening. Once every couple days, sometimes a couple times a day, Freckles would text me something. Usually it would start with "It would be awesome..." or "It would be funny..." followed by some little aspect of daily life that would be a result of the three of us being together. After a couple weeks of doing this, she called me and told me she changed her mind, and she was open to this.
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