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Thoughts on menopause.... well, it is a normal part of a womans just is, so we must deal w it...

About people speaking of it in public... I personally dont find it neccessary to discuss menopause in public in general...I certainly didnt go around bringing it up at every chance I felt it was possible, there isnt really a reason to discuss it publically as it is part of life. Why do you ask about people speaking of it?

Depressed days..well, I do have them occasionally, but really, its not bad... I find something pleasant to engage in, whatever that is, find things to stay busy and dont dwell on it, stay active...even took up riding my mountain bike again. It is part of the change the body is going through, and the symptoms are not permanent.. what dont kill you can only make you stronger.

As far as sex..I have always had a high sex drive, and that hasnt changed, nor have my sexual habits and such.

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