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Thanks again Confused

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
In the beginning I wanted it to go beyond just the sexual aspect of the relationship. I love them both and they both love me.
{{{scratching head}}} So you love them, they love you and THAT's a problem ????? Can we all come & live in your problem plagued world ?

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
Their love is different for each other then what it is with me. They love each other but they aren't in love with each other at least not yet. Make sense? I want them to be in love with each other. I want this relationship to be more than just sexual.
Everyone's love is "different". That's what makes it special. Not only between lovers but our family, pets, neighbors etc. If it wasn't unique it wouldn't be as special !

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
I dont want to give up yet and that is why I'm here learning from the wisdom of those who are living this lifestyle.
So in the end I'm quite confused.............

Originally Posted by confusedpoly View Post
............I don't know where to go from here. I don't want this but they both do. I refuse to ask, beg or to make him get rid of her. I want him to not want her but he does and that cannot be changed. I can't keep living like this but I don't want to lose my husband.
This from your first post. Here you say you DON'T want it. Then - in the following posts you seem to want it badly - if maybe in a more mature, evolved form.

So which is it ?

Maybe I'm not the only one confused ?

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