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I managed to dodge the bullet... At the end of my marriage, my husband initiated our separation, saying he couldn't do this anymore, yadda yadda. Except, he didn't want us to get divorced... thought we could still live together, just in separate rooms. That it'd be better for the kids and all.

I was in no hurry - financially, I needed to sort stuff out anyway, but it got WEIRD. I felt like a teenager in my parents' house again, going up to my room after the kids went to bed, like my house wasn't my home anymore. Yuck.

I remember heading up to my room one night, probably only a couple days after the divorce was final, and he asked me why I wasn't watching TV with him any more... what he did to "piss me off"? And I was just baffled. Had to explain that this was our home, our life together, and it was broken and gone. It didn't feel right anymore. And then I looked at his confused face and realized he just wasn't getting it. I asked him as much, and he admitted it - he had no idea why it was difficult for me. I figured I couldn't explain the elephant to the blind man, and stopped trying.

Some people just don't get it. He'd have been happy to have stayed under the same roof together forever, watching the same TV shows, going to the same restaurants, just without the marriage. Not I. I left.
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