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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
Yay indeed!

Stay friends. If at some point becoming lovers is possible, if you've been a considerate and honest friend then that's karma in your favor. But I'm sure you understand that already.

Depression. You may know all this info.

Meds can help. They usually decrease sex drive; for me they decreased creativity as well. That's not true, or variably true, for other people. Therapy can help but if the cause is mostly organic -- ie, in your serotonin metabolism -- then therapy may not be at all effective.

If you notice seasonal biases (sad in November, happy in May) then a light-box may help.

Life changes can alleviate depression. Since I left my dysfunctional marriage I have not had the bouts of deep depression which dogged me for many years before that. Taking artistic control of my life may have altered my psychological outlook. But I changed my body shape, exercise regime, and my diet for the better during that time as well, and that may have had considerable biological effect.

So I'm not going to pretend I understand the cause-and-effect stuff even in my personal experience, and I'm not going to say "do this and you'll get better." I'm way not qualified to do that.

This is just some random info. Good luck!

Honestly, what I have (if anything; I've not been officially diagnosed although I may try working on that) might be more accurately described as "Dysthymia", a mild but chronic form. It's something I'm working through though, and I really think I'm making some slow but steady progress on my own. Even this whole recent drama is a good sign, because it was started by a level of emotional involvement I haven't felt in years.

In any case, thanks for your support and your advice!
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