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Well, I didn't hear from my sister again. PunkRockAwesomesauce got a friend request from my father however, on Facebook. My dad messaged me in the afternoon and asked me to call my mom. I just got off the phone with her.

Yes, my sister messaged my dad this morning, telling him "the truth" about me. Apparently, my dad then had my mom read it, and then they looked at PunkRock's Facebook page to see the pic of us kissing. Then apparently my mom called every last one of my aunts and uncles to discuss my situation.

My mom was unhappy. She told me she doesn't believe in this sort of thing and everyone in her family thinks I am going to hell and that I am weird. She asked me if I was breaking the law, and if PunkRockAwesomesauce couldn't find and date a single woman. She then said that society was falling apart and that America was being run by communists. She said that DarkKnight is probably going to find some other woman and leave me for that woman. Also that DarkKnight's parents can't have approved of this.

Of course, I can't argue with crazy. I just reiterated that I am very happy, no one is being harmed and that I am not looking to get approval from anyone. I told her I was hoping that she would be willing to meet PunkRockAwesomeSauce when we come to NY this year and she ignored that but didn't say no.

Overall the response was the nutters that I expected but not as harsh.
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