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Finally feeling rested and relaxed after a month of craziness.

Lady and I are hanging out tonight. I think Hubby has pretty much let go of the idea of being with her in the future (at least in the way he wanted to be), however I know she still has that goal in mind. We'll see if my feelings about it change as I get to know her more without the pressure of my reservations being the only thing holding them back.

I've been talking to someone from OKC for what feels like forever. A couple of months. Every time we make plans to actually meet, one of us ends up working or being sick or something. We're very friendly still, and I think if we ever actually do hang out we could be great friends, but I think I'm tired of neither of us making it a priority. Obviously something is lacking if we can't turn down work and stuff.

Going to my first roller derby bout today! Super excited. That's about all I have going on. haha
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