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I went back and reread the posts that everyone has made and I decided I needed to elaborate about my response to grounded spirits questions.

In the beginning I wanted it to go beyond just the sexual aspect of the relationship. I love them both and they both love me. Their love is different for each other then what it is with me. They love each other but they aren't in love with each other at least not yet. Make sense? I want them to be in love with each other. I want this relationship to be more than just sexual.

The chaotic household with all the combined kids, pets and finances doesn't affect me. I love the chaos and thrive on it.

I probably should have mentioned somewhere along the line that this has been my first experience with polyamory, threesomes and being in love with another woman.

I dont want to give up yet and that is why I'm here learning from the wisdom of those who are living this lifestyle.
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