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I've come in late here but wanted to add something.

I agree with just about everything that has been said and wanted to add that people come on here for support mostly. There is but a handful of old timers on here that come here to muse, theorize, help out and occationally need help. Most of the people that have moved on have either made it work, or settled back to being monogamous or have broken up. I have some friends from here that have been through many of these things, but we see on here those that struggle or have made mono/poly work or are poly. Not the ones that are back to bring mono or broken up.

Just a thought that it would be very interesting if anyone who is in a monogamously wired relationship only would be interested in this site, or who has broken up with their partner after writing on here. I doubt it would hold interest for long anyway. Therefore some perspective on what one reads might be called for.

Wouldn't it be great if those people came back and have an update? It might read something like, "yup, back to being exclusive, nothing more to say." :P

Also, I remember when Mono and I fought about mono wiring. I didn't believe at that point anyone could be. This is where that saying came from.
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