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Originally Posted by NorthCoastLady View Post
"I'm sure my girlfriend would be up for it, if she gets drunk enough"
Hell, no! That's just awful, and rather offensive to hear. I don't want to be with anyone who needs to be drunk to be with me, especially if they're only doing it to please someone else. Ugh, that's so gross.

Originally Posted by NorthCoastLady View Post
"We can all go out, have a few drinks, and go back to my place"
I think some people just don't know what else to do when trying to get to know someone. We rarely hear proposals like, "We can all go out, check out the Picasso exhibit at the museum, and go back to my place." Or at the very least, meet for coffee rather than a cocktail. People have no imagination. They think booze is the only way to relax or have a date.

Originally Posted by NorthCoastLady View Post
"We can relax, drink some beer, and watch a few movies at my house, if that'll make you feel comfortable"
Same thing, I think. Lack of imagination, or maybe lack of an interesting personality, LOL!

I like going out for a drink with someone. I used to be a bartender and worked in restaurants for over a decade when I was younger, so I am completely comfortable sitting at a bar, even by myself. I can also hold my liquor pretty well, but I know that for my own safety and to avoid regrets, I need to go home alone after the 3rd drink. That being said, I prefer first dates to be over coffee and, in my OKCupid profile, I say that I'm open to meeting for "coffee or a cocktail."

I'm in my 50s, so I have had plenty of drunk sex, plenty of stoned sex, and plenty of sober sex in my lifetime. I must say, I prefer sex while sober.
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