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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What was it specifically that disgusted her?
My idea that it's okay to love multiple people, but not to have sex with them. That one really insulted her, as she's of the belief that if she loves somebody, she should be able to express if however feels right, including sex. I just find other ways of expressing it, if at all. Latent sexual tension and untold love exists between myself and many of my better female friends. I would never have sex with them. Just because. For more reasons than just the drama that could ensue. It just feels wrong. Sex isn't something I do with friends, it's something I do with a lover. Friends can become lovers, and lovers can become friends while staying lovers, but as long as somebody is just my friend, no matter how much I love them, I cannot have sex with them. And it doesn't cause me pain to know that I can't express that. Any tension that happens, I turn around and put into my current primary relationship. And as far as sex goes, I don't even feel the need for porn or "special alone time," because the only person I really want is my chosen lover.

I really hope that once something stable gets set up in this poly relationship, the relationship between the two of us does, indeed, get stronger, and that she doesn't forget that she needs to be very careful and pay attention to her original relationship as well as her new one.

For a person who doesn't like having to feel responsible for other peoples' emotions, she sure is willing to take the risk. I really hope we're both ready for this, and I really wish I had taken her seriously way back when she first told me, so the preparation would be over, and all that would be left would be the anticipation.

Thank you for the hug, strange internet woman. :P

Wow, this thread got way off-topic :P
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