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To add... I was 12 years old when I saw my mom having sex a few feet away...I don't think she was embarrassed the next day when I told her I was in the room...I don't remember how I felt back then. I know soon after that, I moved to live with my dad.

My wife did tell me recently that I always wanted an open marriage... I don't remember ever saying that...She even told me when I first told her about my childhood, I said that I wasn't sure I would be monogamous. I don't remember that either. She expected me to have affairs over the years, especially now that we opened our marriage.

Somehow we have made it 22 years and we still love each other. It's just not the sexual lust, passionate love. We are still good together. I don't want that to end.

I think that is why I am here on this forum... It doesn't seem like I will be judged too harshly here...

I welcome all opinions...
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