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I don't think we have serious marriage problems. We did a while back,but it is getting better.

My wife grew up with a "sex is bad" attitude. I see that with her siblings as well.

I grew up with a cheating Dad and Divorce, My mother bringing men home on occasion and one time when we all had to share a room, I was asleep in the room and my mom was having sex with a man just a few feet away. She was a little drunk and didn't know I was there. My Dad later cheated on my step mom and he told me all about like I was his best bud...

My wife believes her parents stopped having sex after she was born.. She doesn't believe they have had sex in 30 years. I always heard my Dad and step-mom having sex.

Even though I experienced all that, I never saw it as. dirty. I think my wife has the opposite attitude.

Going to a MC? My wife says all they will do is help us compromise. So that's what she is doing...

I don't know if we have serious marriage issues.Everything else is good.

My wife isn't the affectionate type. Not even with our daughter. My wife doesn't even call her sister or parents all that often. She withholds the truth with them as well to spare their feelings. That's just how she is. I know she probably does that with me as well.

We have been together a very long time... I was the one who changed... I didn't think getting in shape would have such an impact on my libido...I have to deal with that. I have to give her more time.

I don't want sex with all of my new female friends, even the attractive ones. Most I don't feel the sexual chemistry anyway. I like the friend part of it...Just talking to people in general.

My wife was my only friend for 22 years. There has been just 3 nights in 22 years that we have been apart, plus the 6 months we split up early on in our relationship. She is still everything to me and she is a wonderful woman.

All I know is that since we have been talking about sex more and about an open marriage and then signing the contract, she has bee way more sexual....When I talk about other possible relationships, she becomes even more affectionate..

Yes, she is afraid of loosing me, that is part of it as well, I don't want to lose her either.

I just feel on some level I forced her into this, even though she seemed very happy to sign it... Even a little giddy....She is the one telling our mutual close friends about it...

I am not going to have sex with another woman in the near future..I have to get to know them first and a lot has to happen before that point... For one thing they may not be OK with me being married...I have discovered that as well in a very short time...

If we decide to rip up our contract, I am fine with that. I don't want my wife to be devistated if I end up having sex with another woman.

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