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Sounds as though you have good reason to believe that your wife isn't 100% on board with an open relationship. Whenever I read about somebody doing something that upsets them just to make a partner happy, it seems to go less than well.

Originally Posted by Smiles View Post
when I met her she had a close lesbian wife was so sheltered, I don't think she was ever intimate with her.
I'm interested in this. Was your wife attracted to her friend? Has she ever been attracted to a woman.

It sounds from your writing as if you are unused to having many friends and you may have something of a strange impression of friendship. All friendships don't have to become sexual relationships. I have a number of close lesbian friends and a number of close heterosexual male friends who I've never had sex with. Not because I'm particularly sheltered - just because for a variety of reasons, sex isn't part of those friendships.

Just because I may be attracted to some men and a male friend of mine may be attracted to some women doesn't mean that he and I have to have sex.
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