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Thank you vandalin, I will share that advice with her. That way, she can kind of have the best of both worlds, in that she gets to spend time with him, without worrying about it becoming a rebound.

Cool. I wish I had thought of that, though there is definitely room for it. Just because she's staying the night doesn't necessarily mean she'll sleep with him. We did talk about her making that decision in the moment, but I don't think we really focussed on it. For her, the issue seemed to be more about leaving me alone at home.

As for me finding something to do, She won't be getting off work until around 11 or midnight, maybe even later if the kitchen is busy enough. So I'll have the possibility of clubbing, pretty much, as my only outlet. And a guy who looks lonely going to a club is a sure recipe for disaster. Basically, I'd be sitting there trying to look like I'm ok, and people would be glancing at me and talking about how weird I am. :P Or I could come back out to the suburbs and...I don't even know. I don't really have many active friendships, and most of those friends make plans for weekends and already have them set. So The suburbs isn't an option.

So the most likely thing is I'll come home, stay up for a bit on the webernetz, or read, or watch something, or play a game. But even more likely I'll just collapse in bed from exhaustion, and then sleep decently (because I can sleep, for the most part, no matter how I'm feeling). Then I'll wake up, and remember everything and a huge crushing wave of suck will land on me. That's how that kind of thing usually turns out.

I will have no choice, pretty much, but to tough it out.

Still no decision, so I don't know what I need to be preparing myself for yet. Man, a lot of me wants to tell her to go, and to stop trying to decide, and just do it for herself, and stop thinking about me for a little bit, and just relax and have a good time. Because that's probably what will be best for her right now. I don't know about long run, but at this point, all I want is her pain to go away and her smile to come back and her face to light back up. And I don't really care what I have to go through in order to bring that back. Besides, seeing her happy will make it worth the pain.

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