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My mother always wanted lots of kids because she was an only child (her parents miscarried twice before she was born and divorced when she was 4). She had 4 and now had 2 step children. Growing up, I wanted kids. I didn't have the perfect family, my mom and dad were prevented from getting married by my grandmother. My mom married my step dad and due to false accusations of abuse, I was placed in foster care while my mom was pregnant with my brother. By the time I moved back home, my brother and I had both experienced being only siblings and had a difficult time bonding as siblings. When our two younger siblings came along, there was even less time and attention. I was determined to only have 2 kids growing up, raised by both their biological parents after they were already married. My husband and I got married when we were 19 and 20 and while we had discussed having children, our plan was to wait until after he got out of the Army and I was done with school. We talked about traveling for a bit, settling down when we were 28 to start a family. Then I got pregnant on the pill (like my mother before me) a few months after we were married. We weren't ready, but for us at that point in time, abortion wasn't an option, and I can't give a baby up for adoption after living for 3 years as a pre-schooler in foster care. So we had the our son a few weeks before my 20th birthday. He was everything we could have hoped for, until he was 6 months old, then we discovered he had a health condition that took 2 surgeries and 5 years to correct. By then, we'd put off having another child out of fairness and neither of us wanted a huge age gap between children, so he became an only child. But at least, he'll carry on his family name (Runic Wolf was an only child and his father's brother was infertile, so there was alot of pressure for him to have at least one biological child).
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