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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Kevin, that HURT!

And I am SO glad SC brought up that this type of thing has been going on long before texting was even a thing. Used to be called "Elitespeak", or 1337.

My aged heart was happy to see B1ff mentioned in there.

Other common acronyms of the time were ROFL (more prevalent than LOL), or ROFLMAO, or bracketized things like <g> for "grin", <eg> for "evil grin", <vbg> for "very big grin", etc.

And we wore onions on our belts, as that was the style at the time...

As for the topic of the thread, haven't since college (quite a few years ago, now) - job won't allow it, and I've found out (by hanging out with a musician friend of Chops') that I really don't like being surrounded by it anymore, anyway. My lungs, they burn! *hack* *kaff*
And don't forget, asci art attempts to create alternate smileys for fun affects on a black background ..

I always hated the term l33t. I disliked the way people used it. I would have been considered "elite" back in my younger days, but still used fully formed sentences and words haha.. its way I turned the phrase into aolese. *shrugs*

You forgot one very popular acronym the l33t used frequently.. single line response to any question about *nix...


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