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Yes, I realise that it's effectively cheating on him, but it has been her choice to do so, and I think behind it all has been her motive to get back at him and teach him a lesson. He was really a complete bastard back around the time of their wedding, actually fucking his best friend's wife a few days before the ceremony (she only found this out long after the ceremony and when their child had been born), then a succession of further secret affairs so I never felt much guilt about what we were doing.

I kind of guessed things would eventually develop this way, and I feel that I've been a 'pawn in their game' now she now has what she ultimately wanted all along (with his realising what a gem she is).

It's just that behind it all, I don't think leopards change their spots and as soon as they get back to their home country he'll be back to his cheating again (he's actually pretty famous there, on TV and gets loads of offers from attractive young females).
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