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Default For those who didnít choose the poly lifestyle, but have been asked to consider it.

Please open this link first so that the music starts playing and then read this.

I am a woman who is usually so determined and intent on achieving a goal.... usually avoiding sentimentality.....feeling that daydreaming and throwing a penny into a pond is just ridiculous..... always trying to make logical and rational decisions....etc.

But, today I feel different and itís all because of a woman who didnít choose the poly lifestyle, but is willing to consider it so she can be with a man she loves. She says sheís madly in love with him and.....I guess she is. I am also his lover. I knew him before she met him...... So she is trying to open up to me. She is trying to trust me and to love me........Last night, she showed an incredible amount of bravery which affected me so deeply that my heart has cracked wide open.....And I am finding it impossible to control my emotions today. I decided that instead of fighting it, Iím going with it.

For the polys, I say ďdare to dreamĒ...... and for the ones considering poly for their partner, I say...."be brave."

Okay....enough sentimentality....I'm even making myself sick
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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