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Okay I'll bite ...

I don't mind web abbreviations (and will often use them myself, especially the ol' classics). As long as it's not every stinking word.

i also h8 th nu kindof stoopid brot ubout by ifone usage were ppl wil.notonly ubreviat evry othr wrd thell also mispel evry othr wrd skip gramer punctuatn captlzatn anto mk thgs wrs cary on & on with 1 long sntence evn tho they shud strt a nu sntenc thel just du a run on sntc cuz thats cool there frnds at jr hi du it then as if thats not enufthel l ad sentce aftr sentenc & just kpgng no needto worry abo utpara grafs just keep wrtg un til their's a.great.big.wall oftxt & if theydu do a pargrph brk thell.du a singlecarage rtrn insteadofa dou blecarage rtrn wht mks it posibble tu tel 1 paragraph frm n othr then thel ljust car.ry on & on & on just teling theyre life story mebbe changesubjectsforno.reasn i jst hd lftoverz for lunch haha my cat 8 sum of the pasta i justwish ppl wood follo 1 trainofthout& stik tu itoratleastgiveusom e ki nd ofpara graf brksowecouldsee they.are.talkg.aboutso methi ng nu o & then nomatterhowlong teh pargraf iz theyl keep on ading tu it or somethg & it makes it so nobody wants tu readit cuz it makes youreyez water i mean cumon is englishyou.r 2nd languag or wht your an adultdidnt you graduatefrum grade.scool wtf happend & wht's.with this lowerc ase i i is capitaliz edor is that.likesome bigotedcolonialthg where tryg to getrid of yeh show thatlow er case i let ppl know that yore yourown person.and.yu.have.teh.power & no 1s gunna tel yu whut to do cuz ur2 cul 4 that & hu needs spelchek wen english is.a stoopid colonial lan guagea nyway.

That sort of thing bug the rest of you's guys? Cuz it sure bugs me! AAAUUUGGGHHH

My contribution to this thread derail is now complete.
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