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Thanks MonkeyStyle and i'm sorry if I misread your post about Wolf of Wall Street.

You are totally right about disability in many ways. Part of this issue is the difference in attitudes within the disability 'community."

For example, Deaf folks do not consider themselves disabled. People with congenital disabilities (like mine) see disability as an identity while people with acquired disabilities sometimes want a "cure." Autism seems to have the strongest mobilization among disabilities because that fight is led by able-bodied parents, largely, not disabled people. Different privileges exist even within one disability - for example, people with Cerebral palsy who have clear speech have more of a privilege than people with the accent. The people on TV tend to be paraplegics because they don't look disabled - they look like Noraml folks in a wheelchair.

That said, there are many groups - such as ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, and so on. There are many disability studies programs in the US and Deaf people have their own university and culture. There is a rich disability history and books by people such as Simi Lipton, Ed Roberts, Alison Kafer, and so on. People just aren;t aware of this stuff.
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