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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Yehaw, that was a fast bbs service .. I ran my first bbs on a 286 with a micro co-processor so I had improved math calculations.. I had an OLD 45meg MFD hard drive in it (the large ones that look like small clocks) ahah my first BBS "experience" was with the old phone literally plugged into the modem.. the first bbs I ran was dual modem 1200.. SMOKING fast. ..

Thanks for the nostalgia.. still hate aolese but it did and does have its place. (take a step back and really how different is it then shorthand... *shrugs* )
Curiously, I met both Liam and Jai originally through the local BBS system. Jai was a sysop; Liam was a gamer on the BBSes. We had an active BBS community, with summer volleyball games and BBQs, which is how I ended up meeting Jai in person. I didn't actually meet Liam in person until college, which is just as well -- given the 12 year age difference, had I met him during my adolescence he'd've probably been firmly categorized as "adult; off-limits". In adulthood, well, he was only two years off my comfortable upper age limit.

I still recall sysops talking about whether the increasingly modem speed was a good thing -- who could read faster than 9600 bps or up?
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