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A bit more about me and the whole poly thing with my gf...

We've spoken about how it's going to work. I do believe that complete openness is absolutely vital, and I think everyone here will agree with me. We've developed a few rules. When it comes to emotional relationships, aka another girlfriend, then it's not something I'm going to go looking for. The way I see it, I don't really NEED to go and find an emotionally fulfilling relationship because I've got one with my gf, and this whole poly thing isn't an excuse for me to go and rack up as many points as I can. But, if I start getting feelings for someone, then I am able to pursue it. In other words, if it happens, then it happens, but I'm not going to go trying to make something happen. This is the situation I'm in with the girl at work. I'm getting feelings for her, and I want to see where it leads.

We've also got an agreement regarding casual sex. Namely, no emotional attachments. After all, it's just sex for the sake of sex, and (if you'll excuse me for being blunt about it), using another person as a sex toy, basically.
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