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Default Hello everyone

Introductions are always so difficult. Anyone can talk about what kind of work they do, where they grew up, how many kids they haveÖ These are all things that really, donít have anything to do with who a person is. So, I will make an attempt to share who we are.
My wife and I have been married for nearly two years. We are both on our second marriages and we both believed that we would never marry again. We had been through difficult divorces where everyone left angry and wishing the other person would leave the country and never return. We were both casually dating for the social aspect of it. Just as so many people do, we found excitement in dating people who had little in common with us. Opposites attract, rightÖ
When we started seeing each other, we learned very quickly that we were not opposites at all. Actually, we are so much alike, itís scary. We both have the same interests, value systems, goals, thoughts on lifeÖ The list goes on and on. Although that sounds very boring, each and every time we tell anyone about it, we find it very fulfilling. When we go out, we both are happy with what we are doing because we both enjoy the same things. When we talk about things, our discussions flow very well because we both generally have the same idea and goals.
One of the things we also both have in common is our attraction for women and our desire to bring a woman into our relationship. Not just a sexual fling, rather, a real long term girlfriend that we would both enter into a mutual relationship with. This is our desire.
So, where are we at with it? Ground zero.
We donít know where to go with it. We donít have any friends who are valid candidates. We donít know any other couples who practice anything like it. So, here we are. Hoping to make some connections and possibly get the ball rolling.
Thank you.
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