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Default What shall we/ I do?


my name is Mel and I am with my boyfriend togther for round about 7 months.

He is falling in love with another girl right now and she loves him as well.

He also loves me and I love him and he does not want to loose me.

But he also does not want to loose her so he cannot tell her about our connection. I am a "secret".

I think it is not fair in a way for her, as well.

I do not like to behave in an "unnatural" way so that she does not find out about our connection.

He is scared that he will lose her and he will destroy something between them because he thinks she cannot "share" him with me.

So either he chooses her and then I realize that our connection did not have such a meaning for him as for me.
Or he is honest to her because he really does not want to leave me but is for polyamory, right?

For shared thoughts from people who can understand that, would be very nice. Thank you very much.

Kind regards
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