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Had a good few days with PunkRockAwesomesauce. We stayed up the one night, just talking to 4 am. Mostly everything I had just talked through with DarkKnight, but I wanted to be sure that everyone was on the same page. He told me numerous times that I am beautiful, that he doesn't like NOT giving me compliments. We talked bunches about my main issues with him being monogamous. Mostly that I can't give him a baby, and that we can never be married. Which, well, is the outcome of most mono relationships. This bothers me.

He told me again that he has never wanted children and that he has in fact ended relationships in the past because his girlfriend wanted them. So, at age 40, he has already made decisions about that and it doesn't bother him. And, well, he is really looking forward to cementing our partnership with an inappropriate, unauthorized civil union.

That had me in stitches for some reason. What a sweetie! Definitely a keeper.

Oh, I want to give a warning to any chickas out there considering a diaphragm. I had issues this week with mine! I didn't realize until Tuesday that I had forgotten to remove it after sex last weekend. I had it up there for 3 days. Holy shit the thing smelled like something had DIED. My vagina normally smells like, well, water. It doesn't have a scent! I have no idea where the smell came from, but it soaked into the diaphragm and no amount of soap and water would get it out. I ended up soaking it in bleach/water and that did the trick.

I was really worried because everything online I read said that the number one side affect from leaving a diaphragm in too long was a yeast infection. Fuck that. I had DarkKnight bring home a 1-day Monistat kit and I got that up my vajay immediately. The next day I had itching and I was SO glad I had taken this preventative measure! I had lots of dryness afterward, but the smell went away and so did the itching.

That said, PunkRockAwesomesauce and I were hella impatient and had sex on Thursday night. This resulted in lots of chaffing for me. I've been soaking in warm bath water the last 2 nights, and that seems to have helped. Everyone who has sexed me up knows that I am the wettest girl ever, so being dry was not an expected side effect! It's good to finally be all healed up.

So yeah - remember to remove your diaphragm ladies! I guess it is a good indicator on how little you feel this form of birth control - I seriously had no idea it was still up on my cervix! I will definitely be paying better attention to removing it!

Today DarkKnight is driving me up to the game store. PunkRockAwesomesauce is working there today, so I am going home with him to spend the next few days at his house. There is supposed to be a snow storm tonight, so this way I get over there before the terrible weather hits. I am looking forward to snuggling and having no responsibilities for a few days!

DarkKnight and I have been talking more about him telling his parents about my polyness. I do not see a positive outcome to this in any universe. We need to talk some more about it. His mom already dislikes me a bit, so this will send her into orbit, I bet.
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