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Ever since Match took over OKCupid, they have let go of so many features that made it a fun community and not just about dating. No more Awards to give people (there used to be "Great Date," "Smarter than Your Average Bear," and so on), no more Journals and discussions in Journal posts (I made some friends that way), no more personal Notes you can add to a profile, and no more seeing if someone is online in your Visitor List before you click on their profile... for a start. There all these other little things that they got rid of one by one - like you can't even see who you gave stars to anymore, and most people don't even know there's a forum there because there are no links to it, blablabla. Now it's just an online meat market full of creeps.

I am so fed up with it. Unless OKC substantially improves, and soon, I may take down my profile for good.
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