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I know someone named Micheal. It bugs me every time I read his name. I keep wanting to pronounce it differently.

Obviously his name isn't the main issue. I doubt you would have been all over him if it had been spelled more traditionally :P

I re-enabled my profile recently, but to find friends in my area (I thought, I already have a profile, might as well give it a try even though it's mainly a dating website). I changed my criteria to "new friends" only, open to both genders, pretty much any age, and added many references in my profile to the fact I'm looking for friends.

I have received no messages, which while disappointing is not unexpected. But what gets to me is that every day I get 3-4 "likes", all for straight, single males, all looking for single women. I'm marked as not single on my profile, why is my profile even coming up? And why do they "like" me when I don't fit the profile (most don't have "new friends" as part of what they're looking for. A few have had "casual sex" as the only option)? And if they like me so much, why is none of them sending me a message?

I'm mostly annoyed with OKCupid's search for being broken. People who are looking for straight women shouldn't see me in their results. Neither should people who are not looking for friends.
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