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I meet OKguy. I had a very pleasant evening, very smart man, well travelled and quite good looking.
We met halfway and ended up having dinner. My recollections of the place were different but it had been 9 years. I thought there was more of a bar and snacks, it was definitely more of a restaurant.
We chatted about all sorts and pretty much stayed off relationships and dating which was nice.
No mention of a second date and no attempt to kiss or hug in the car park. I am kind of glad about the kissing and hugging part. I find it a bit peculiar to hug someone you just met.
I would like to see him again but I didn't get the vibe that he was terribly interested on the other hand I think he is a bit reserved, like someone I know very well and maybe just like to go and have a think about it first.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Kip: 50s male.
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