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Hello and welcome. I am curious how an adult functions in the world pretending to be age 16 all day, every day. How do you relate to people your own age, or do you socialize with teenagers? Did you ever go to college or have you ever planned to? Do you work, pay rent, live at home with your parents, or does your "Daddy" take care of and pay for all your needs? Does he and his wife both want you to act like a bratty teen 24/7 or do they ever treat you like the adult you actually are (even if you have a contract, there are times to step out of the role and discuss how it's going, I believe) ? Someday (if you're lucky) you'll be 50 - do you see yourself acting 16 when you are that age and facing retirement? Or is this just a sex thing you do with your Daddy and keep it out of sight from the rest of the world?

Just wondering!
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