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I hope so GS, there will be more-that's only 2 pages in. I noted Ariakas' comment that he's more of an "online" kind of guy and some people just avoid the books.
SO I thought-well HELL maybe if I type all the key quotes in here GG will read it, Maca likely will read it AND it may actually help others in the process!

That's why I posted it on the new to poly board instead of general, even though GG and Maca are more likely to read on the general board-there are new people who never leave the new to poly board-and if it helps them with their self-confidence, that would make it worth sitting here for hours re-typing the key details of the book.

HOPEFULLY since I DID reference where the info comes from-it's not against the rules to quote it?
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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