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Default Reading Group

Last night I went to me first meeting of a disability reading group.

In the past week, I've been involved in a discussion here on disability and abortion. At the group we were reading a book on Queerness, Feminism, and Cripness. Just an overview, to describe the people. I have mild CP. There was another woman with CP who used a wheelchair. Three abled folks (or with hidden disabilities) although one was raised in a Deaf Household. Two other women who used chairs, one without use of her hands from a birth "defect" ; a small person and some others. All, except one person who was very well-read, were academics or in graduate school.

It felt so good to finally be around people who have been through what I have been through. People in general (abled) tend to popo my experiences..or make excuses for why prejudice happens. I just want to share these stories. One woman spoke about quitting social work school due to ERICK ERICSON . While studying, it always bothered her that Erikson's stages of development where so limited and dismissive of disability. She later found out that Erikson had a child with Downs. He put this child in an institution. The wife told the other children their son had died at birth and they pretended he didn't exist. This women changed to disability studies, but described entering the disability studies program and the DS LOUNGE not being assessbile.

Another person (who is now a famous artist) described her experience going to art school as an undergrad. Through he work she was accepted to a number of programs. The minute they found out she was disabled, they recantered their invitation. One gave the excuse of non-accessible dorms: the other of CURB CUTS. She is not a very old person --this only happened 10-15 years ago. We spoke about how you 'can" sue someone, but at 19 years old, who has the mind, persistence, and money to do that. The majority of ADA cases (70 percent ?) fail anyway. The ADA is in many ways a bullshit token law. Another woman was turned down from Fordam (excuse, non-accessibility). So many stories.

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